Blogging application review

I’ve completed a cursory review of applications that allow you do your blogging off-line and synchronize to your blog later. I’ve played with Blogjet, BlogDesk and Windows Live Writer for the most part. I’ve looked at other applications as well but never got as far as even installing them for one reason or another, usually because their web sites didn’t compel me to even give them a try. I am windows user so I mostly concerned with that. Generally the free application are feature lacking compared to the once you pay for. The exception to that is Windows Live Writer which has all the features of a commercial application, thanks to the deep pockets of Microsoft. Lately though I’ve been getting bad taste in my mouth with the Windows Live suite of application, such as Microsoft forcing stuff on you (like the bing bar) via Windows Update. Another reason why I disliked Windows Live Writer is the size of the composer window. This is why I choose not to use Windows Live Writer . I went instead with Blogjet as it fully featured, easy to use and has the modest one time licensing fee of $39.95 at the time of this writing.