Welcome to the web site for Siggi The Dancing Super Geek

Let me start by explaining why I am proudly proclaiming to be, not just a geek but a supergeek. If you want to jump straight into reading about me, check out my other pages. The page on The Geek as well as the page on My Values and beliefs are great places to start.

You may be asking yourself “why The Dancing Super Geek” and/or “why is he using such a derogatory term as a geek, let alone super geek”. First off I don’t consider the term geek to be derogatory. I consider it a highly positive word. Therefore, I proclaim that I’m proud to be a super geek. Second the reason for “The Dancing Super Geek” is because it represents the two biggest passions in my life from a hobby point of view, dancing and geeking. More on that later, let’s explore the definition of the word geek and similar words.

There are three words I consider very similar yet different. These are a geek, nerd, and dweeb. They are similar in some way and different in other. What they all have in common in my opinion is they don’t rely much on public opinion. They are all comfortable with who they are and don’t care what other people think and/or are oblivious to what other people think. Therefore they are all somewhat immune to peer pressure. Being unaware of how your actions are perceived by others is usually evidence of social skills deficiency. Being indifferent about it while totally aware of it I would consider good quality. Being aware of what constitutes socially acceptable in your particular society yet being comfortable with deciding to go against those norms can be incredibly freeing. When you’re not spending your time worrying about what other people think, you are freer to do what you want and free up valuable time.

I believe it is this immunity to peer pressure that the rest of the population is uncomfortable with. I believe this is why the bullies of the world pick on geeks/nerds/dweebs. This leads to other people feel sorry for the geek/nerds/dweebs for being constantly picked on, and therefore consider those terms derogatory or negative. Since standing up to the bullies on behalf of the geeks/nerds/dweebs could jeopardize their popularity, people tend to just feel sorry for them but do nothing about it. It’s kind of a catch 22. If you care about your popularity (which frequently is controlled by the bullies of the world) you feel like you can’t do anything about the bullies. If you don’t care about your popularity then by definition you are at least a dweeb and therefore become subject to ridicule and bullying yourself. Being a super geek I don’t care about popularity and have decided to own the label and redefine it in a positive light, proclaiming “I’m proud to be a super geek”.

Anyway, I digress I’ll get off my soapbox (more on my soapbox in my blog) and let’s explore each of these words individually.

  • Geek: I define this as someone with high intelligence and high aptitude for science/technology.
  • Nerd: I define this as a geek without social skills. Someone who doesn’t socialize much and when they do they are awkward and uncomfortable. They are much more comfortable inventing the next great thing than interacting with people. A nerd that acquires social skills becomes a geek.
  • Dweeb: This is typically someone who simply has no regard for public opinion and therefore may frequently do things that others consider embarrassing or even anti-social. A dweeb is either completely unaware of how their actions are perceived or they are simply completely indifferent about it. Geeks and nerds typically have a fair amount of dweeb tendencies, especially nerds. However, dweebs aren’t always geeks or nerds.

So there you have it, everything you never wanted to know about my take on the word geek. On other pages on this site, you’ll find more information you never wanted to know about me, my hobbies, where I’m from, etc. Make sure you check out my blog for various soapbox rants on random topics.