List of few places I find noteworthy

Photo by Tim Johnson on Unsplash

Sites I developed or own

  • IceComputing Site that hosts software I’ve developed and made available. This site is ancient is in desperate need of rewriting
  • API Response Tester This site will test your error handling in code that consumes any API. See page for more details.
  • The Gooeynet Company This was my very first web site written from scratch in PHP. I wrote this when I was planning on starting my own company in about 2004. It never got of the ground as I ended up shelving those plans.
  • Studio B Dance My first truly complex web site. All data is database driven. Was written for Dance Studio that is now defunct. Hopefully, it will resurrect
  • Information Security Help Side venture I started in 2019 to help folks stay safe online
  • Íslenski Tölvukarlinn Icelandic version of this site.
  • Cuddle Geek Compassionate platonic affection and touch in a professional setting.

Dance Places


Geek Stuff

  • Ultra Edit Text Editor Extremely powerful yet lightweight text editor, great for dev work and general text file editing.
  • My BitBucket Here you can look at and download various scripts I’ve written
  • Geek dot Com Site filled with all sorts of geeky articles along with reviews of various gadgets and gizmo
  • Sublime Text Lightweight editor that even better than UltraEdit in every aspect. This text editor is positively sublime.
  • NewEgg This is one web store I spend way too much money at buying gadgets and gizmo o’plenty. This is my go-to store when I need computer parts, whether an upgrade or building a whole new computer.
  • Nanitor New company in the vulnerability management space, making vulnerability management easy.