A Diary of a Blonde

January: Had to return a scarf I received as a Christmas present as it was too tight.

February: Lost my job at the pharmacy, something about not price tagging correctly. It’s not my fault though as the bottles wouldn’t fit in the price gun.

March: I’m so proud of myself. I finished a jigsaw puzzle in six months and according to the box it was four to six years.

April: Was stuck on the escalator for the longest time when the power went out.

May: I wanted to go water skiing but had to cancel it as I couldn’t find any lakes with a sufficient slope

June: Lost the swimming competition for the breast stroke event, the other people cheated and used their hands

July: Locked the keys in the car and had to wait outside in rain and wind. What was worse is that the interior of my cute convertible got soaked as the top was down

August: Couldn’t dial 911 as my phone was missing the button with “11” on it.

September: Trying to figure out why some of my M&M have W’s on them

October: Damn it’s difficult to figure out this W issue with the M&M’s.

November: Baked a cake where I had to separate 12 eggs so I had to borrow 12 mixing bowls.

December: Went to a dance for 18 and over. It took a lot of time to gather the other 17.