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Daylight (Ws Coll)
Known as: Daylight
Online Status: Owned on UV
Price at time of addition: Unknown
Category: GENERAL
Rating: PG-13 (Parental Guidance Suggested)
Running Time: 105 minutes
Studio: Universal Studios
Theater Release Date: 1996-12-06
Origional Release Date: 1996-12-06
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 (Widescreen)
Language: English,Spanish
Subtitles: English,Spanish
Dubbed: French
ID: 77
ASIN: 0783226934
UPC: 025192026720
EAN: 9780783226934
Date last watch:
Date Added: 2010-08-08
Sylvester Stallone
Amy Brenneman

Collector's Edition

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Product Description
Contains: feature commentary with director rob cohen the making of daylight documentary featuring interviews with cast members plus behind-the-scenes footage whenever there is love music video. Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 08/24/2004 Starring: Sylvester Stallone Amy Brenneman Run time: 115 minutes Rating: Pg13

This echo of 1970s disaster films stars Sylvester Stallone as the disgraced former head of New York City's Emergency Medical Services, a loser who is nevertheless a compulsive rescuer of people in danger. When the Holland Tunnel is sealed off after a fiery explosion and car passengers are trapped within, he goes inside and leads a group of survivors (a mixed group allegorically representing America's diversity) through all manner of pestilence toward safety. Directed by the imaginative Rob Cohen (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story), Daylight finds Stallone outrageously (and to almost campy effect) pushing the envelope of his martyr persona to near-religious levels. He throws himself, quite literally, into this part, and between that entertainment factor and the unnervingly convincing effects, this is a pretty watchable film. The collector's edition DVD release has optional widescreen and standard (pan and scan) versions, optional Spanish subtitles, and Dolby soundtrack. --Tom Keogh
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