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Analyze This / Analyze That (Double Feature)
Known as: Analyze This / Analyze That
Online Status: Owned on UV
Price at time of addition: $6.55
Rating: R (Restricted)
Running Time: 199 minutes
Studio: Warner Home Video
Theater Release Date:
Origional Release Date:
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 (Widescreen)
Language: English,French
Director: Kelley Cauthen
ID: 660
UPC: 085391170143
EAN: 0085391170143
MPN: WARD117014D
Date last watch: 2012-12-30
Date Added: 2012-12-25
Shannon Tweed
Sam Hennings
Colleen Coffey
Doug Jeffery
Griffin Drew


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Product Description
Mob boss Paul Vitti's going a little wacky. His shrink's afraid of getting whacked. Think you got troubles? Robert De Niro plays the troubled crime-family racketeer and Billy Crystal is Ben Sobel, the psychiatrist with just a few days to turn Vitti into a happy, well-adjusted gangster in Analyze This [Side A], the drop-dead funny comedy from Caddyshack director Harold Ramis. Stars and director reteam to prove laughter is still the best therapy in Analyze That [Side B]. This time, Vitti is released from Sing Sing into the custody of his therapist. Can jittery Ben help Vitti find gainful employment? Can he even believe Vitti's gone legit when guys like Lou the Wrench keep showing up? You think you got troubles?Fuhgedaboudit!

Analyze This
Cast Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal together in a film and it should be a sucker's bet as to who's going to be funnier and who's going to give the more nuanced performance. Somehow, though, De Niro walks away with most of the laughs in Analyze This, a buddy action-comedy about a mob boss (De Niro, natch) suffering from panic attacks who makes a nebbishy shrink (Crystal, natch) an offer he can't refuse--actually, it's not really an offer, it's a command. The good doctor is forced to help the gangster get in touch with his feelings. Had the brilliant TV series The Sopranos not underscored how thin and watery and shticky director-cowriter Harold Ramis's approach to such potentially rich material actually is, the movie--a hit in theaters and De Niro's biggest film ever--would seem more fresh and kicky. De Niro's definitely a hoot as the ever milder menace, and Crystal actually concentrates on giving a credible performance opposite the acting legend (alas, he doesn't turn his character's fear of his patient into inspired comedy, as Alan Arkin did in Grosse Pointe Blank). The conclusion devolves into the requisite gunplay, and Chazz Palminteri and Lisa Kudrow are criminally wasted as an opposing mob boss and Crystal's fiancée, respectively, but overall, it's breezy fun. --David Kronke

Analyze That
Analyze That has more bada bing than its lukewarm reception would lead you to expect. Analyze This had the advantage of a then-fresh idea--Robert De Niro as a neurotic mob boss seeking therapy with reluctant shrink Billy Crystal--but that idea's stale, so this sequel relies on established chemistry and zesty dialogue that matches the original. There's nothing wrong with a retread when it's this funny, and De Niro's latter-day penchant for comedy suits him well when, as kingpin Paul Vitti, he lures Dr. Sobel (Crystal) into a prison breakout scheme involving faked catatonia and West Side Story show tunes. The contrived plot involves Vitti's criminal comeback. Unfortunately, there's little room for Lisa Kudrow as Sobel's sarcastic wife, but De Niro's Raging Bull costar Cathy Moriarty-Gentile is welcomed as a rival mob queen. You want a comedy masterpiece? Fuhgeddaboudit. You want 95 minutes of easy fun? It's right here... and don't miss those obligatory outtakes. --Jeff Shannon

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