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Speed (Widescreen Edition)
Known as: Speed
Online Status: Owned on UV
Price at time of addition: Unknown
Rating: R (Restricted)
Running Time: 116 minutes
Studio: Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Theater Release Date: 1994-06-10
Origional Release Date: 1994-06-10
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 (Widescreen)
Language: English
Director: Jan de Bont
ID: 482
UPC: 024543133629
EAN: 0024543133629
MPN: FOXD2223362D
Date last watch: 2011-03-19
Date Added: 2010-12-25
Keanu Reeves
Dennis Hopper
Sandra Bullock
Joe Morton
Jeff Daniels


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Hold on tight for a rush of pulse-pounding thrills, breathtaking stunts and unexpected romance in a film you'll want to see again and again. Keanu Reeves stars as Jack Traven, an L.A.P.D. SWAT team specialist who is sent to diffuse a bomb that a revenge-driven extortionist (Dennis Hopper) has planted on a bus. But until he does, Jack and passenger Sandra Bullock must keep the bus speeding through the streets of Los Angeles at more than 50 miles per hour - or the bomb will explode. A high-octane chase of suspense, non-stop action and surprise twists, Speed is a joyride sure to keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

Everything clicked in this 1994 action hit, from the premise (a city bus has to keep moving at 50 mph or blow up) to the two leads (the usually inscrutable Keanu Reeves and the cute-as-a-button Sandra Bullock) to the villain (Dennis Hopper in psycho mode) to the director (Jan De Bont, who made this film hit the ground running with an edge-of-your-seat opening sequence on a broken elevator). This is the sort of movie that becomes a prototype for a thousand lesser films (including De Bont's lousy sequel, Speed 2: Cruise Control), but Speed really is a one-of-a-kind experience almost anyone can enjoy. --Tom Keogh
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