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Tom and Jerry - Spotlight Collection, Volume 2
Known as: Tom and Jerry - Spotlight Collection Volume 2
Online Status: Unknown
Price at time of addition: Unknown
Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Running Time: 320 minutes
Studio: Warner Home Video
Theater Release Date: 1946-06-29
Origional Release Date: 1946-06-29
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 (Full Screen)
Language: English
Subtitles: English,Spanish,French
Director: Joseph Barbera
ID: 472
UPC: 012569673243
EAN: 9781419805981
MPN: 012569673243
Date last watch:
Date Added: 2010-12-25
Lillian Randolph


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Trends come and go; but the chase is eternal, just like the evergreen appeal of animaton's supreme cat-and- mouse team! This second Spotlight Collection of Tom and Jerry's cartoon capers boasts 40 restored and remastered shorts (including their screen debut Puss Gets the Boot, in which Tom was called Japser). This delicious assortment covers their golden years - including three Academy Award nominees* and six in their rarely seen widescreen CinemaScope - and includes spiffy, character-profiling Special Features. Get ready to duck, weave, jump and laugh and the hapless feline and the wily rodent take each other on.

DVD Features:
Audio Commentary:Audio Commentaries: Commentary on Saturday Evening Puss, Puss N' Boots, The Night Before Christmas, and Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Mouse by Madtv's Nicole Parker and Animation Historian Earl Kress.
Documentary:Animators as Actors: Actor's workshop of where the inspiration for character personalities come from.
Featurette:The Comedy Stylings of Tom And Jerry:Tom and Jerry have kept audiences laughing for years. Find out who Hanna-Barbera drew upon to create this great comedy duo.
Introduction:Tom and Jerry Introduction by Whoopi Goldberg
Production Sketches:1941 Pencil Sketch: "Midnight Snack": A side by side comparison with the color episode and the black and white pencil sketch of this famous episode.

The second Spotlight Collection features both the first "Tom and Jerry" short and some of the last films in the series. In 1940, the cartoon unit of MGM was under pressure to produce more, so story man Bill Hanna and animator Joe Barbera were allowed to direct a cartoon. "Puss Gets the Boot" received an Oscar nomination, and introduced the duo that would become Tom and Jerry. (Tom was originally "Jasper.") The series ran for 15 years and won seven Oscars. Many of the cartoons follow the pattern set in "Puss Gets the Boot": Mammy Two-Shoes (Lilian Randolph) warns Tom that if he makes a mess or lets in any mice, he's out on his ear ("O-W-T, out!"). Jerry overhears the threat and makes trouble. The look of the characters changed more noticeably over the years than the storylines: their rounded designs didn't really suit the widescreen format, so they were drawn flatter and more angular.

It's interesting to see how some of these cartoons prefigure the later work of Hanna and Barbera: the underwater antics in "The Cat and the Mermouse" anticipate Tom and Jerry's frolic with Esther Williams in Dangerous When Wet (1953); Yakky Doodle on The Yogi Bear Show (1961) was copied from Little Quacker. In several cartoons, Mammy Two-Shoes' voice has been redubbed, and the subtitles offer cleaned-up versions of her dialogue. In "Old Rockin' Chair Tom," she declares, "If you is a mouser, I is Lana Turner, which I ain't!" The subtitles read, "If you're a mouser…I'm Lana Turner, which I'm not." Whoopi Goldberg discusses the use of stereotypes in the introduction, and these later reworkings falsify history. (Unrated, suitable for ages 7 and older: cartoon violence, ethnic stereotypes) --Charles Solomon

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