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The Pretender - The Complete Second Season
Known as: Pretender: Season 2
Online Status: Unknown
Price at time of addition: Unknown
Category: TV SERIES
Rating: NR (Not Rated)
Running Time: 1071 minutes
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Theater Release Date: 1996-09-19
Origional Release Date: 1996-09-19
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 (Widescreen)
Language: English
Subtitles: English,Spanish
Dubbed: English,French,Spanish
Director: Chuck Bowman
ID: 425
ASIN: B0009X76ZA
UPC: 024543201151
EAN: 0024543201151
MPN: FOXD2230116D
Date last watch:
Date Added: 2010-09-04
Michael T. Weiss
Andrea Parker
Patrick Bauchau
Richard Marcus
Douglas Roberts

TV Shows / TV Movie
Television: Series

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Jarod is a Pretender—a genius whose exceptionally high I.Q. allows him to master virtually any profession. Since escaping from the Centre, the secret research facility where he was brought up after being taken from his parents, Jarod has managed to stay one step ahead of his ex-captors, Miss Parker and Sydney. Although still reeling from the death of his brother, Jarod also continues to make sure that justice is done by helping innocent victims wronged by society. In the second season we are also introduced to the mysterious Mr. Lyle, played by James Denton of Desperate Housewives fame.

According to his sleek nemesis Miss Parker (Andrea Parker), Jarod (Michael T. Weiss) is "a genius who can become anyone that he wants to be." As the second season begins, he's still on the run and her father, Mr. Parker (Harve Presnell, Fargo), is still missing. In his place, the Centre has installed the smooth Mr. Lyle (Jamie Denton, Desperate Housewives) and his associate Brigitte (Pamela Gidley, whose British accent will soon disappear). In the premiere episode ("Back From the Dead Again"), it will also be revealed that Mr. Raines (Richard Marcus, 24) survived last season's assassination attempt. A few episodes later ("Exposed"), Mr. Parker will return, but by then Miss Parker won't be so sure he's really her father. Then again, nothing on The Pretender is ever what it seems...

Throughout the 22-episode season, Jarod’s "pretends" will range from firefighter ("Over the Edge") to FBI Agent ("A Stand Up Guy")--even male escort ("Gigolo Jarod"). Along the way, he'll catch up on some of the childhood staples he missed, like Jell-O and Twinkies (both of which he'll use against the bad guys). Meanwhile, Sydney (Patrick Bauchau) will reunite with his twin brother, only to lose him again ("Indy Show," featuring a cameo from Mario Andretti). Other pivotal episodes include "Bulletproof," in which Sydney meets up with another figure from his past, "Crash," in which Mr. Lyle's true identity is revealed, and double-length season finale "Bloodlines" (featuring Haley Joel Osment as a potential pretender), in which Miss Parker finds out she has a brother. Alas, it's either the psychotic Mr. Lyle or Angelo (Paul Dillon), the Centre's idiot savant or, as she calls him, "Cousin It." The second season ends with a cliffhanger as a bomb goes off in the Centre--just as Jarod is trying to make his escape. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

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